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What are the Features of a Great Sports Bar?


Did you know that a sports bar is not just for Friday and Saturday nights anymore? They are great any day of the week, and for every occasion. Long gone are the days when sports bars just held long bar tables facing a large screen so you could watch Sunday or Monday night football. The best sports bar in Albuquerque has something for everyone. So, what are the features of a great sports bar?

Lots of TVs:

A sports bar is still made for sports fans. Most nights, there are many different games being played covering many different sports. Football, hockey, and baseball may be the most common sports on TV. However, a sports bar should be able to dedicate TVs to other sports, such as Car racing, golf, and even soccer. The best sports bar in Albuquerque will have enough televisions for everyone to watch what they want, and when there are special events, such as the Stanley cup, there are enough TVs for all fans to watch.

Let there be food and drink:

A bowl of shelled peanuts and a jar of pickled eggs that no one has touched in this century is no longer acceptable. The food can be themed, such as Taco Tuesday. Of course, you can also sit and enjoy restaurant quality food. Finger food is great when watching the big game, but you can also enjoy a meal with a date. Food trucks in the Grub Yard have a great selection.

Beer and sports have gone together for over a hundred years. The best sports bar in Albuquerque has beer on tap, with a variety that ranges from white pales to dark Guinness. Sports bars also include mixology so you can get the best margaritas in Albuquerque, if that’s more your style. A great sports bar uses daily specials for drinks and food to provide something for everyone at every event.

The game is over—now what?

The best sports bar offers more entertainment than just TV. There are more than just the die-hard sports fans in the bar, and there is so much more to do. Take the time to play a game of foosball, ping-pong, or Cornhole. The best sports bar in Albuquerque also offers karaoke and trivia night.

Other indicators you have found the best sports bar in Albuquerque

Walking into a sports bar should wow you with the atmosphere. Sports bars should have lots of sports memorabilia on the wall to celebrate the monumental team moments from over the years. It should feel welcoming to all—not dark and dingy like the old-style bars. The chairs should be comfortable to allow people to sit and relax, and the layout should allow people to move around so they can cheer and celebrate the big moments with their friends. As important as the TVs is the sound system—especially multiple games are being broadcast at a time—or when it’s karaoke night.


The best sports bar in Albuquerque has everything you need and want. Bring your friends to cheer on your favorite team or grab your date and join us at the Salt yard in Albuquerque for great food, drinks, and sports. For more information, click here.

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