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Guide to Finding the Best Restaurant

There are plenty of local restaurants in Albuquerque serving up everything from farm-to-table to spicy wings. How can you find the best restaurant for a night out with food and friends? Let’s dive in and take a look at what makes a restaurant stand out.

Truly local

Local restaurants in Albuquerque that are not part of a national chain have something special. They have a unique identity you won’t find anywhere else. Since they do not have a corporate mandate to follow, these local restaurants in Albuquerque have the agility to follow their inspiration – and the requests of their customers. They often change up their menu, hold theme nights and purchase from local farmers and producers. You love these restaurants for their atmosphere as much as their food because you can’t find their style anywhere else.

Great reviews

It’s called the “digital handshake,” how a place or person is met online before they are met in person. With Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook reviews and the many other sites where people can rate their experience, you know it’s a great restaurant if the reviews are glowing. Even the reviews that are three stars or less have merit; you can quickly see how local restaurants in Albuquerque respond to low or negative reviews. Addressing needs means great customer service. Addressing clearly fake reviews shows the restaurant cares about its image and is keeping track of its digital footprint.

A menu to savor

There are some local restaurants in Albuquerque where you go back time and time again because the food is just that good. It doesn’t have to be an upscale eatery with micro greens served in a cube of molecular gastronomy foam. What you want are those filling, satisfying meals that are eaten with family and friends and washed down with a great beer. The Salt Yard has nailed this aspect by having some of the best burritos and tacos in Albuquerque brought to you by our food trucks. Not to mention our truffle grilled sammich that pairs perfectly with our variety of next level fries. What makes our fries next level? You could have our perfectly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside plain fries. Or you could dress them up with veggies, meat, cilantro and a squeeze of lime. No matter how you like your fries, ours will be the ones you crave!

The best local restaurants in Albuquerque feel like home

Perhaps the main indicator of the best restaurants in Albuquerque is when you arrive and feel right at home. The atmosphere, the food, the people and live events – it just feels like a warm welcome every time. This is exactly what makes The Salt Yard one of the best local restaurants in Albuquerque. We have curated our locations, menu, live events, games, beer and big screens – every single aspect of our restaurants is designed to be welcoming and inviting. We cater to a diverse range with themed nights, DJs, parties, sports bar, cabanas and private rentals. No matter where you look, you’ll keep coming back to The Salt Yard. Food, family, friends, fun. That is what makes us the best.

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