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The Increasing Popularity of Sports Bars

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The sports bar is one of those things that has made a resurgence in the past few years, and it isn’t by accident. Many of the old-style sports bars have been replaced with modern ones that cater to today’s sports fans. Here are just a few reasons why the modern sports bar is seeing a rise in popularity, and why you should check one of the best new sports bars in Albuquerque today.

1. You can Get Great Food

Sports bars back in the day used to be known for bare menus and serviceable grub. Those days are gone. One of the many reasons why sports bars are making a comeback is because of their dedication to more than having the game on (although they still have that). Sports bars today have menus with inventive new dishes and the classics, all done to a whole new level. Today, you can get wings, beef dips, burgers, burritos, and more, all made with quality ingredients and crafted by chefs who know what they’re doing. So instead of settling for bad food, head to the best sports bar in Albuquerque—the bar that knows how to feed you as well.

2. There’s a Drink for You

Ever been to a sports bar where the only thing on the menu was “beer”? Well, the modern and increasingly popular sports bar isn’t serving just one kind of beer. The best sports bar in Albuquerque isn’t serving one kind of anything. Today, the sports bar has cocktails, draft lists of craft beer, and so much more. There’s a professional bartender waiting for you with the exact kind of drink that you’ll love. So instead of just one beer, you will have plenty of options.

3. Cheer on with Fellow Fans

While you can stay home and watch your favorite team, nothing compares to cheering on your players with fellow fans. At the Salt Yard, the best sports bar in Albuquerque, you can do so with plenty of fans of your team and others. There are more than 55 big screens to watch it on, and game nights are packed with people who have the same passion as you. So instead of experiencing it alone, get the energy and momentum of cheering along with people who love your team almost as much as you do.

4. More than Just Sports

While the best sports bars in Albuquerque will have games every day and night, there’s so much more to a sports bar than the game. At the Salt Yard, that means having the option to play instead of watch, with games like foosball, ping pong, cornhole, and more to make your experience even more fun. So, whether your team is playing that night or not, there’s a chance for you to watch something fun or get in on the action yourself.

The Salt Yard is the best sports bar in Albuquerque, with great food, amazing drinks, incredible atmosphere, and so much more. It’s one of the reasons why sports bars are getting so popular. Come to one of our two locations to see for yourself.

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