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Help Create a Happier Thanksgiving with The Salt Yard’s Food Drive

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Help fill a need

The Salt Yard, the ultimate sports bar to “come, sit, stay & play,” is excited to announce its Thanksgiving food drive. From November 10 to 20, your donation of one or more of the following items earns you a drink on the house:

• Can of corn

• Can of green beans

• Can of cranberries

• Packet of turkey gravy

• Box of stuffing

• Box of mashed potatoes

Hunger: the statistics and the impact

Despite being a nation of plenty and one of the most developed in the western world, many families in America struggle with food insecurity. The rising costs of necessities and medical care often mean that hardworking families have little to no food in their budget after taking care of other bills. Recent data show that approximately 326,000 New Mexican residents are food insecure, and that number includes more than 118,000 children.

One in six people (and one in four children) in New Mexico lack regular access to nutritious food. The impact of these statistics is far-reaching. Food insecurity is linked to higher rates of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and even obesity (processed foods are often more readily accessible and affordable to the food insecure, which contributes to health problems). Children that are food insecure are at a higher risk of compromised physical and mental development and often achieve less academically than their well-nourished peers.

The (unfortunate) stigma

Some believe the poor simply need to work harder to lift themselves from their situation, but a closer look at the issue proves this is seldom the case. New Mexico ties with Louisiana for the second-highest poverty rate in America, even though the state ranks higher than the American average for students that have a high school education (19.0 for New Mexico versus 13.7 US-wide), college or an associate’s degree (14.5 for New Mexico versus 9.5 US-wide), and even a Bachelor’s or higher degree (6.8 for New Mexico versus 4.3 US-wide). The employment average in New Mexico also sits at 9.0 versus 6.2 US-wide.

Despite education and employment, nearly half of New Mexico’s working population earned below 200 percent of the poverty level in 2013.

The problem of poverty and the many factors that prevent hard-working families from escaping its clutches are multi-faceted and often misunderstood. The need to help those struggling is very real and very urgent. Therefore, The Salt Yard is taking action.

Join the fight against hunger in New Mexico

As you come to The Salt Yard to enjoy great food, fun games, delicious drinks, and to catch up with friends and family, please bring a donation for our food drive. Let’s band together to support the many hardworking families in our city that are in danger of going hungry this Thanksgiving. In a nation where people flock to in hopes of achieving “The American Dream,” there is no reason for our friends and neighbors to go without. Your donation of a can of corn or a packet of gravy may seem small, but to those struggling with food insecurity, it makes very big difference.

The Salt Yard food drive runs from November 10 to 20. Please bring a donation and enjoy a drink on us (limit one drink per customer). Together, we can – and will – make a difference.

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