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The Growing Popularity of Happy Hour Bars

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

After a long day at the office, not much beats sitting around with your closest pals sipping a cold beer or fresh cocktail. The only thing that would make it better is if those drinks are on special! Happy Hour in Albuquerque is not only a great addition to your day, it’s also an American tradition. Happy Hour deals are the perfect way to enjoy an evening out while also staying mindful of the bill that follows. If you aren’t incorporating Happy Hour into your weekly schedule, it’s time to shake up your routine. An American Tradition Everyone knows Happy Hour is a beloved American tradition, but not everyone knows the hour of the celebration can be attributed to the Navy and, later, prohibition. Happy Hour in Albuquerque was a social and distressing event for naval troops, often consisting of films or boxing matches. During 13 years of prohibition starting in 1920, Americans stopped drinking, or so was believed. With strict rules surrounding alcohol, many sailors, diners, and drinkers formed social groups and drank in secret, often large quantities in a short period of time, to avoid criminal charges. Of course, today Happy Hour in Albuquerque takes on quite a different meaning and typically means a great deal on a margarita. Though some states have outlawed Happy Hours, New Mexico keeps the good times going with fully legal Happy Hours. If you are in Albuquerque, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun! The Happiest Hour of the Day Everyone loves Happy Hour, and bars boasting the best Happy Hour specials are sure to draw in a crowd. After a long day at work, being able to visit your local pub and enjoy your favorite drink on a dime is the perfect way to end the evening. Bars know customers are looking for the best Happy Hour in Albuquerque deals, and venues boasting the most enticing drink deals are quick to grow in popularity. There are lots of options out there when it comes to cashing in on the best Happy Hour deals, so next time you are looking for a place to enjoy a pint, be sure first to check out the Happy Hour deals offered. Your Happy Hour Venue Ready to liven up your week? Join the Salt Yard for daily Happy Hour in Albuquerque specials! With an impressive selection of beers on tap, great cocktails, good eats, and plenty of entertainment, the Salt Yard is your go-to happy hour venue. Catch up with friends over a round of drinks or a game of foosball or simply kick back and catch the game. There is a lot to do at the Salt Yard, and neither you nor your pals will find yourselves making an excuse to check out early. With two locations and no reservations required, the Salt Yard guarantees a great night out without the stress of booking a table or waiting in the dreaded queue. Join us after work for Happy Hour. You won’t be disappointed!

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