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Seven Things to Look for When Choosing an Event Venue

1. The ultimate venue should include a private space with private food and drink service, with personalized food menu and custom cocktail offerings.

2. It should also be located in an area that your guests are familiar with and be accessible for all ability levels.

3. It should have lots of entertainment, including parties, live DJs, sports on the big screen, and themed nights.

4. It should have indoor and outdoor ambiance.

5. It should be large enough for your gathering, but small enough so everyone can interact. Cavernous rooms do not encourage mingling.

6. It should be unique. Why go for a standard event room when you could have an Instagram-worthy room for you and your guests?

7. Management should be a dream to work with to help you customize the perfect event in the venue.

The downside of large hall and hotel conference rooms

The traditional option for hosting more guests are large halls or hotel conference rooms. Many of these are tied to specific catering and beverage companies. Because these relationships change with time, the type of food service that you remember five years ago might be totally different than what you get at that same venue today. It also does not help that these stand-alone venues are located in places that are obscure and unfamiliar to most people – how often does anybody go to a hotel conference room for drinks with friends? There are more than enough of these event venues in Albuquerque for this to get old fast.

What if that favorite bar or restaurant with the great party room had its own large hall that you could rent out? There are some event venues in Albuquerque that offer this. Imagine having your wedding reception at your favorite bar restaurant, but they are only serving you and your party of 300 for the night. They worked with you to put together a custom menu with all of your favorite eats and have made sure to have the headliner cocktails in hand. The best part is that the party would be at a local watering hole that everyone you know likes, instead of some random event center that nobody’s heard of. The entire space would be yours, fully equipped with all the table and lawn games, not to mention having everything available on tap, with an outdoor patio and indoor space too.

This style of venue offers a private space, private food and drink service, a personalized food menu, a personalized bar menu, a location and atmosphere that your guests are comfortable with, entertaining games, and the choice of indoor or outdoor experience. If you are having trouble retaining your best people, maybe some good photos of everyone partying at the right venue on your company’s Facebook page might help. In today’s climate where full-time hours with benefits are scarce, stuff like this matters. Visit our website to learn more.

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