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How to Plan a Grand Corporate Event

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

There’s more to corporate events than just a few drinks and awkward ice breakers. Corporate events in Albuquerque can be tons of fun – with the right planning and venue choice! An event should keep guests chatting, entertained, and most of all, having a good time. When planning a corporate event, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Number of People

How big of a crowd are we planning for? Knowing the group size is first and foremost for planning any event. A venue can be a big hit or miss depending on the audience number. A large space for a few people feels empty and awkward, while a small space for many is cramped and makes moving around the room to chat and meet people less appealing. The last thing your event should do is make people not want to network! When planning corporate events in Albuquerque, be sure you know how many guests you are planning for so you can make the perfect venue choice.


Are you planning your own entertainment, or expecting the venue to supply it? Keeping your guests entertained is the key to any successful event. There are a lot of options for corporate events in Albuquerque and when planning, you need to be sure you have something fun up your sleeve. Keeping guests entertained and active makes for a much more exciting experience and networking can go a lot smoother when everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. Selecting a venue that provides entertainment is a great way to plan for any corporate event. By selecting a venue that provides a fun experience, you can save yourself the stress of searching for the best icebreaker games.


No one likes to be out on an empty stomach. Food and drink are a major part of any event, and you don’t want to undervalue the importance of feeding your guests. When planning corporate events in Albuquerque, it is vital refreshments make the to-do list. Can you remember an event where you had a good time and there wasn’t at least a snack table? Instead of going through the process of registering for food and drink permits, selecting a venue that supplies its own scrumptious menu will save you time (and even money). Be sure to have a selection of food types and be prepared for food restrictions and allergies!


The most important decision in the planning process is selecting the venue. By this stage in the planning process, you should have a good idea of how many people you are working with, what you are needing for entertainment, and how you plan to service guests. Now all you need is the perfect venue to make your corporate event a blast. Guests don’t want to be constrained to a strict schedule at corporate events in Albuquerque. They want choices, and they want good choices. The Salt Yard can check off everything on your party planning list. With an assortment of games and big-screen TVs to keep guests busy, food hot from the grill, great mixed drinks, and space for lots of guests to move around and mingle, your guests will be asking when the next event is planned!

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