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Halloween Costumes that Brings Out the Devil in You

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

It’s October, so that means it’s time to get into the spooky Halloween spirit full swing. With Halloween parties and events coming up all over the place, at your friend’s homes, at bars, at clubs, etc. you are probably looking all around for some Halloween costume ideas that will make you look fiendishly devilish and either make people scared or in awe of your costuming talent.

So, what costumes will bring out your inner devil during your Halloween parties?

The Devil

Wanting to look devilish? Then your apparent first option is going to be none other than dressing up as a version of the devil. Devil costumes can vary, but always have some similar elements when it comes to getting a look everybody recognizes.

What you’ll need:

● Some form of horns, often short and slightly curved, but you can go for huge ram style horns too

● Clothing color scheme: lots of reds, and some blacks

● Makeup options: Red face/body paint, with black colors for shading/contouring

● Accessories: Red cape, small pitchfork or trident (red or black colored), some form of an attachable tail that has a pointy triangular tip.

Day of the Dead Inspired

If you are a fan of the face and body makeup, then Day of the Dead or Die de Muertos (a Mexican holiday for prayer and remembrance of the dead) themed costumes are often a popular choice to make you look skeletal and somewhat devilish.

What you’ll need:

● Makeup Options: Face or body paints; you’ll definitely need white and black for the bones, but also many other colors are used, like reds and golds. These paints will be used to paint on a skeleton face and other bones of the body. Glow in the dark paints is popular for dark events.

● Colorful outfit: Many wear colorful clothing with their paint, bright colors, but also include whites or blacks as the base.

● Accessories: You can include small beads glued onto your body, or beaded necklaces and bracelets.


A popular choice for women wanting to look devilish (or as some stories claim, worship the devil) is to dress as a witch. There are several options when dressing as a witch. You can go with the basic black outfit with a black pointed hat and a broom, or go more detailed and include warts and face/body paint or makeup to make your skin look wrinkled and discolored.

What you’ll need:

● A black dress and a black pointed hat are the base of most witch costumes, but you can expand on this with other black accessories or clothing to match.

● Accessories: Black short cape, old-style corn broom, light-weight handheld cauldron, maybe bottles or eye of newt within. An old decrepit book with pentagrams clearly scrawled on it.


Another costume idea that is closely associated with death and the devil is the vampire. Vampire outfits can vary, but all should include pointed teeth, and often somewhat lightened (or blued) skin to appear devoid of blood.

What you’ll need:

● Set of fanged teeth, you can go for cheaper full plastic inserts, or more expensive single canine inserts

● Dark clothing: men will often use a dark, stylish suit, where women will sometimes use a black flowing dress (if you can make it look like you hover instead of walk, then you get bonus points).

● Makeup Options: Face or body paints: Changing the tone of your skin to look more devoid of blood, adding blood drips from your mouth, dark eye shadow, bright red lips for women.

● Accessories: Elegant looking jewelry complements the look, and you could also attach some fake bats to your outfit.

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